Entry #2

Sk!allí - Today's Topic: Word Modifiers and Punctuation

2010-05-09 15:04:45 by DarthLuminosity

This new language that I am creating (as you may have noticed) has a few... differences from English, Spanish, French, and hell, even Na'vi from Avatar (which inspired me).

Word modifiers dictate how you pronounce certain syllables in a given word.

"!" = An exclamation point indicates that you must emphasize the previous letter. (Example: Sk!allí - Pronounced SKK-all-eeyie)

"'" = An apostrophe indicates a slight pause. (Example: The word O'tah (Under) is pronounced OO--Tah)

"." = A period indicates that you must slur the two letters it appears between. (Example: The word Sw.ia (Tree) is pronounced Swayee-ah)

"=" = An equals sign indicates you must hold the previous letter. (Example: The word S=íü (Sea) is pronounced Ssss-eeyie-ooway)

":" = A colon indicates that you must staccato the previous letter. (Example: The word T:as (Rock) is pronounced Tt-ass)

"¡" = The upside down exclamation point is used at the end of a sentence to indicate it is exclamatory.

"?" = The question mark is used the same as in English. To indicate interrogatory statements.

"*" = The asterisk is used to indicate a command, or imperative sentence.

"·" = The interpunct (Japanese period) is used to indicate a full sentence stop.

"," = The comma is used to indicate the end of a statement or an idea, not the end of a sentence.


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2011-04-20 02:03:30

oh, cool! they somehow remind me of faces! "." <------ like this one!


2011-04-30 13:21:28

I'm actually very impressed with this whole language creating project. I've always wanted to see something like this. As for the modifiers and punctuation, it all makes sense, so well done.